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        【Exoskeleton seats - sit wherever you want, whenever you want


 The Chairless Chair 2.0 from Noonee, a global supplier of wearable ergonomic electromechanical devices (WEMDs), is dedicated to improving the practical application of ergonomics in the manufacturing sector, and is similar to a mechanical exoskeleton, but more practical: this special "chair" can be worn like an armour and functions as a seat when necessary. They are similar to a mechanical exoskeleton, but more practical: this special "chair" can be worn like armour and functions as a seat when necessary, allowing users to easily switch between sitting, standing and walking positions in complex working situations, enabling them to work in a healthy posture.


         Noonee AG was founded in Switzerland in 2014. in July 2016, Noonee germany GmbH was officially founded, taking the first step towards the global launch of Chairless Chair 2.0. Notably, the product was developed in a continuous feedback exchange with corporate customers and end users. At the same time, the Chairless Chair® 2.0 complies with the EC directive and regulations of the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC.


         With the Chairless Chair 2.0, you can reduce the physical damage caused by prolonged standing. It allows for comfortable, ergonomic and productive work without changing the workplace. Sitting on the Chairless Chair 2.0 feels like sitting on a bar high chair, allowing workers to sit and work at all times without the hassle of a sore back.


The new generation of exoskeleton chairs - Chairless Chair 2.0

The exoskeleton chair is made of a lightweight material, mainly carbon fibre, and the weight of the Chairless Chair 2.0 has been reduced by 25% compared to its predecessor, weighing only 2.95 kg, The height range of the Chairless Chair 2.0 has been increased from 1,50 m to 2,00 m.


In terms of product design, the new design, presented continuously in black, is modern and slim; a lighter shoe connector with rubber joints for greater security and flexibility of movement; a vest available in two sizes for easy adjustment and a 4-point fixation for the waistband; and a new generation optimized in terms of fit, sizing, breathability and comfort for greater durability and comfort, based on the practical big figures of the previous generation.


Why choose the exoskeleton chair Chairless Chair® 2.0?


In the manufacturing industry, keeping employees healthy has long been a major concern for many companies around the world. What is certain is that demographics are changing and employees are getting older, which puts them at a higher risk of suffering from back pain. It is well known that disorders of the musculoskeletal system already account for a quarter of all sick leave. This can have huge costs, so we need a smart solution - the exoskeletal chair Chairless Chair® 2.0. Have it and reduce the physical toll of prolonged standing! We can't get younger, but we can get more creative.


The exoskeleton chair Chairless Chair® 2.0 - increase productivity and reduce physical strain!


       Create an ergonomic, comfortable and even more productive workplace without having to change your workplace. Thanks to the Chairless Chair® 2.0, this is now possible. Working in a healthy state is just a matter of wearing the device, which only takes a few seconds. The exoskeleton chair then allows you to easily switch between active sitting, standing and walking postures. This innovation costs you nothing, but saves you money, as the use of the Chairless Chair® 2.0 reduces the number of sick days and reduces the number of days off work for employees.

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