FlexJet - the world's fastest waterjet cutting system for cutting most materials in any shape

2022-03-27 21:03:07 1322

FlexJet - the world's fastest waterjet cutting system for cutting most materials in any shape

Waterjet cutting systems, compared to traditional laser and flame cutting, can cut a much wider range of materials, covering reflective materials, composite materials, sensitive materials such as stone, alloys etc. that are not possible or very difficult to cut with lasers. Secondly, the waterjet can cut thicknesses of up to 100mm or even thicker (compared to laser cutting thicknesses of 20mm or less). Thirdly, as waterjet cutting is cold cutting, it does not cause thermal deformation of the cut product and does not change the texture of the material around the cut seam, so the cutting accuracy is higher than laser cutting and flame cutting (the accuracy of waterjet cutting parts is ±0.1mm, while the accuracy of laser cutting is generally ±0.2mm).


Compared to laser cutting, waterjet cutting is of course at a disadvantage in terms of cutting speed. However, Flex Machine Tools has recently launched the world's fastest waterjet cutting system with a speed of up to 46 m/min in the X and Y directions, which is nearly seven times faster than conventional waterjet cutting systems, while the world's most famous and long-established American Flow Mach waterjet cutting series only reaches a speed of 36 m/min.

Thanks to Flex's deep technological expertise in CNC, grinding and tapping robotic arms, the new Flex Jet waterjet cutting machine can cut virtually any shape in a single step using a dynamic 5-axis cutting head, resulting in fully customisable cuts. Fast and precise cutting solutions for a wide range of materials from 1/16" to 8" thick.

At the same time, the FlexJet uses an actual 5-axis design. This independent design is distinguished by taper-free cutting in hard-to-reach areas, customisable cuts for various angles and the ability to use any length of nozzle. These unique features allow for endless programming and design work.The Flex Jet uses an in-house intellectual property actual 5-axis design that differs from the traditional Focal Point for taper-free cutting and utilises dynamic tangent following technology to accurately cut hard-to-reach areas while dramatically increasing cutting speed.

To complement the implementation of high-speed water cutting, Flex has also developed the fastest water cutting control management software system that combines motion control, vector acceleration control, dynamic tangent following and nested wizards with que in the controller, compatible with DXF and 3D models and any software, making it easy for the user to program any control.

From a commercial point of view, any investment in machinery and equipment needs to be considered in terms of payback period, and Flex can offer a 90 day money back guarantee to its customers, based on its confidence in its technology.

In terms of performance parameters, the Flex Jet's water cutting speed is currently the fastest in the industry at 1800 IPM (inches per minute), with a water pressure of 60Kpsi, and offers 1G acceleration/deceleration.

The world's best known company, Flow USA, has the fastest cutting speed in the Mach range at 1400 IPM.

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