Zoe industrial Technology Co.,Ltd. becomes the authorized exclusive agent of Noonee in China

2022-03-27 20:26:36 392

In mid-November 2020, Noonee, the world leader in exoskeletal seating, officially authorized Zoe industrial Technology Co.,Ltd

About Noonee

Noonee, a German company, has invented the Chairless Chair® 2.0, an exoskeleton chair that can be used as a seat in order to allow workers to work in a more comfortable position.The exoskeleton seat is made primarily of carbon fibre, a lightweight material, and the product weighs 2.95 kg. In the manufacturing industry, keeping employees healthy has long been a major concern for many companies around the world. What is certain is that demographics are changing. Employees are getting older, which puts them at a higher risk of suffering from back pain. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system already account for a quarter of all sick leave. This can have enormous costs, so we need a clever solution - the exoskeletal chair Chairless Chair® 2.0. Have it and reduce the physical damage caused by prolonged standing! We can't get younger, but we can get more creative.

Main product: Chairless Chair® 2.0


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