Zoe industrial Technology : Notice on the National Day Holiday 2021!

2022-03-27 20:42:01 31

On the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the motherland, according to the relevant regulations and combined with the actual situation of the Company, the Company has decided to arrange the following arrangements for the National Day holiday in November 2021.

From 1 October to 7 October 2021, we will be on holiday for a total of 7 days. 8 and 9 October will be the official working days.

1. As the National Day holiday schedule for 2021 is long, please arrange and complete your work assignments in advance to ensure customer delivery.

2、Please tidy up your personal belongings, clean your desks, turn off your computers and electrical appliances, and close your doors and windows to ensure safety before going on holiday.

3. During the holiday period, we will try our best to have fun nearby, avoid long-distance travel and pay attention to our own safety and epidemic prevention and control.

Finally, I wish our country prosperity and peace.

We also wish all colleagues and their families good health and a happy holiday!

                                                                                                                                                Zoe industrial Technology Co.,Ltd

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