The HEMS-GS lower limb (hybrid) exoskeleton robot is electrically driven to enhance the strength of a person's lower back, helping to provide 50kg of assistance when bending down and lifting and carrying. The product incorporates ergonomic design and can be adapted to different scenarios.

GEMU HBM BD 欧洲配件 德国原装进口 工业进口备件 施耐德 皮尔兹 

Technical features

Completely self-developed: The core technology of HEMS-GS lower limb exoskeleton robot product is completely self-developed, including motion control card, supporting drive unit, core software algorithm, etc. The product has established data collection and visualisation analysis

Excellent product performance: HEMS-GS is a powerful and comprehensive product with long battery life and an ergonomic portable exoskeleton robot to meet the needs of various industrial scenarios.

Complete safety system: HEMS-LTM is a comprehensive safety system that protects the robot through the integration of mechanics, software and energy.


Product parameters

Bending and handling with increased assistance: 50kg

Maximum load support: 100kg

Battery life: 6 hours

Weight of equipment: 16kg

GEMU HBM BD 欧洲配件 德国原装进口 工业进口备件 施耐德 皮尔兹 

Product advantages

1. Worker savings

Improve human efficiency and reduce work intensity

2. Increase productivity and efficiency

Improve stamina and efficiency

3. Work injury prevention

Reduce occupational injuries and reduce work injury insurance

4.Big data support

Digitisation of the enterprise through human and machine data management


Application Scenarios

1. Manufacturing

Automobile manufacturing; home appliance manufacturing; high-end equipment manufacturing

2. Logistics industry

Industrial logistics; civil logistics; aviation logistics

3. Military industry

Logistic equipment; emergency rescue

4. Logistics

Enterprise warehousing

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