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Japet lumbar exoskeleton

伍尔特 GEMU HBM BD 欧洲配件 德国原装进口 工业进口备件 施耐德 皮尔兹

Low back disorders are increasingly common in industrialised countries. It is estimated that 80% of adults currently suffer or will suffer from low back pain, with an annual prevalence of 30% (Olivier N., 2016). From 1980 to 2000, this frequency more than tripled in France. Epidemiological studies on this are numerous and confirm that the prevalence is similar in the different industrialised countries. The age of onset is predominantly between 35 and 45 years.

At work, we don't always notice physical abnormalities. Back pain is a major cause of work stoppages and occupational diseases. It affects employees and their ability to maintain their focus on their work, and has important social and economic implications for companies. At Japet, we combine medicine with modern robotics to provide you with exoskeletons and a fully integrated approach. The Japet.W solution is designed to restore body balance to the ability to work freely.

1. Product advantages

Japet's exoskeleton is a solution to help workers suffering from back pain by relieving the burden on the back while maintaining upper body mobility.

Objective: To protect the back during weightlifting, keep the worker mobile and maintain speed of movement.

By reducing the pressure on the lumbar spine, 75% of users of back exoskeletons experience immediate pain relief during use.

It also reduces the risk of injury by reducing peaks in muscle activity during the handling of heavy loads.

伍尔特 GEMU HBM BD 欧洲配件 德国原装进口 工业进口备件 施耐德 皮尔兹

2. Product characteristics

The back exoskeleton consists of four micro-motors and sensors and can be used for 7 hours on a single charge.

(1) Lighter weight: the exoskeleton weighs less than 2 kg (4.4 lbs).

(2) Adjustable: To ensure comfort, the exoskeleton consists of adjustable textile straps.

(3) Medical: The exoskeleton is medically CE certified and has been validated by numerous doctors.

(4) Easy to put on: it takes less than 30s to put on at will.

伍尔特 GEMU HBM BD 欧洲配件 德国原装进口 工业进口备件 施耐德 皮尔兹

3. Areas of application

Industry, construction, logistics, care, food industry, disablement, etc.

伍尔特 GEMU HBM BD 欧洲配件 德国原装进口 工业进口备件 施耐德 皮尔兹

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