With the exoskeleton seat, you can switch flexibly between sitting, standing and walking

Introduction to the installation of the exoskeleton chair Chairless Chair® 2.0

Noonee Company profile

Noonee, a global supplier of wearable ergonomic electromechanical devices (WEMDs), is committed to improving the practical application of ergonomics in the manufacturing sector with the Chairless Chair® 2.0, which is similar to a mechanical exoskeleton but more practical: this special "chair" can be worn like armour and functions as a seat when necessary. "With the help of this device, the user can easily switch between sitting, standing and walking positions in complex working situations, enabling him or her to work in a healthy posture. Noonee AG was founded in Switzerland in 2014. in July 2016, Noonee germany GmbH was officially founded, taking the first step towards the global launch of the Chairless Chair® 2.0. It is worth noting that the product was developed in a continuous feedback exchange with corporate customers and end users.

Noonee, in order to allow workers to work in a more comfortable position, has invented the Chairless Chair® 2.0, an exoskeleton chair that can be used as a seat.The exoskeleton seat is mainly made of carbon fibre, a lightweight material, and the product weighs 2.95kg.The device does not contain silicone and there are no exposed metal parts.The unit is splash-proof and chemical resistance must be checked on a case-by-case basis.Sitting on the Chairless Chair® 2.0 feels like sitting on a bar high chair, allowing workers to sit and work at all times and avoid the hassle of back pain.

伍尔特 GEMU HBM BD 欧洲配件 德国原装进口 工业进口备件 施耐德 皮尔兹

The Chairless Chair® 2.0 is used by almost all major car manufacturers and other well-known companies from all walks of life around the world. increasing sickness absence is linked to demographic changes and, according to a study by the umbrella organisation of company health insurance funds, around 24% of absences are caused by musculoskeletal disorders. These are often caused by unhealthy posture or frequent standing in the workplace. A smart solution is therefore needed: with an exoskeletal chair you can reduce strain after work is done. This is how we ensure the best use of exoskeletal chairs and make sure your employees are comfortable.

Benefits of exoskeletal seating:

1.Comfortable work

2.Improving productivity

3.Protects joints, back and neck

4.Reducing the cost of rest days

5.Active sitting helps prevent health problems

6.Secure work even in old age

7.Exoskeletons are flexible and easy to use

8.Less than 30 seconds to put on - faster to undress

9.Replace annoying chairs or standing aids

伍尔特 GEMU HBM BD 欧洲配件 德国原装进口 工业进口备件 施耐德 皮尔兹

Reasons for choosing the Chairless Chair® 2.0:

Demographic change is in full swing, with employees getting older and more prone to illness. Musculoskeletal disorders already account for a quarter of all days of absence from work, which leads to huge costs. A smart solution is needed: if one is no longer young, one must become smarter. Not sometime, but now!

伍尔特 GEMU HBM BD 欧洲配件 德国原装进口 工业进口备件 施耐德 皮尔兹

Example: Rainer the pincer experiences the exoskeleton chair Chairless Chair® 2.0

Rainer is a clampman who loves going to work, but at night he comes home increasingly tired and with back pain. As he was often unable to go to work the next day due to back pain, his factory manager asked for the exoskeleton seat as a pilot project. Bianca introduced Rainer and his colleagues to the exoskeleton seat: a lightweight, stable exoskeleton seat that can be worn flexibly on the body. In this way, the exoskeleton seat reduces the strain on the back, knees and neck. Each person receives a short training session and Bianca adapts the exoskeleton seat individually to their shoes and body size.

Rainer was surprised to find that he could easily sit on the exoskeleton seat. It doesn't take a minute to start working. He felt that the exoskeleton seat required a dynamic sitting position, which was not laborious, but protected his health. In subsequent practical tests, Rainer soon realised that he could use the exoskeleton seat more comfortably and with significantly greater efficiency. By the time he got home in the evening, the work was done, rather than him continuing to have a sore back. Back pain is a thing of the past!

伍尔特 GEMU HBM BD 欧洲配件 德国原装进口 工业进口备件 施耐德 皮尔兹

Chairless Chair® 2.0 application areas:

Ergonomics is important: ergonomics, comfort and even greater productivity without changing the workplace - the exoskeleton chair makes it possible. Just put it on for a few seconds and you can maintain a healthy posture. You can switch smoothly between active sitting, standing and walking. The exoskeleton seat is a milestone: more productivity, less stress, especially in the field of ergonomics! This innovation doesn't cost anything, it brings money, because with the "exoskeleton seat" you can reduce your rest days and reduce capacity bottlenecks.

The exoskeleton seat has a maximum load capacity of 120 kg.

Available for employees from 1.50 m to 2.00 m.

Designed for assembly, commissioning and production activities in industrial applications.

A useful innovation in the field of ergonomics.

伍尔特 GEMU HBM BD 欧洲配件 德国原装进口 工业进口备件 施耐德 皮尔兹

In the manufacturing industry, keeping employees healthy has long been a major concern and challenge for many companies around the world. Work often involves a lot of time spent bending and squatting and as a result can leave employees with serious back and knee problems. Of the 215 million workers in the industrial sector in the EU, 85 million are reported to suffer from muscle-related disorders. The currently available market solutions can also be problematic as they limit short-term fatigue by taking on the weight of all users, which can lead to muscle weakness. What is needed is a product that will support employees on the production line while keeping them healthy.

伍尔特 GEMU HBM BD 欧洲配件 德国原装进口 工业进口备件 施耐德 皮尔兹

Chairless Chair 2.0 offers three ways to wear it and a variety of field solutions

noonee is a revolutionary start-up that aims to solve this remarkable social problem that previous solutions have not dealt with successfully. The idea is to provide an exoskeleton seat that supports the user's weight only when they feel tired , rather than constantly bearing that weight - meaning the wearer is using their muscles and sitting actively rather than passively.

伍尔特 GEMU HBM BD 欧洲配件 德国原装进口 工业进口备件 施耐德 皮尔兹

(Wearing the Chairless Chair 2.0 helps to alleviate the damage caused by long working hours to the leg muscles

The Chairless Chair® 2.0 is designed for manufacturing workplaces where employees often have to stand for long periods of time or bend their knees to work properly, and where traditional seating is an obstacle, hence the solution. With an exoskeleton chair like the Chairless Chair, companies can not only improve the ergonomic working environment for their employees and keep them in the correct posture, but also prevent occupational diseases and safety issues, which is a humane design for older employees.

The Chairless Chair® 2.0 is suitable for people of all heights. As an exoskeleton, it supports attachment to a variety of shoes, is easy to put on by one person and is currently the first product from wearable ergonomic mechatronic device supplier Noonee, with interest from Airbus and Sapetti planning to achieve a production volume of over 10,000 per year.

伍尔特 GEMU HBM BD 欧洲配件 德国原装进口 工业进口备件 施耐德 皮尔兹

(Chairless Chair 2.0 product display)

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